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currently in los angeles. 

i like hyperbole, lowercase letters, glitter, etc.

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my work is guided by the architects’ embrace of chaos and the invitation to participate. their achievement is always incomplete. the design doesn't serve a purpose until someone else expands it; until the corners get worn with laughter and raised voices; rooms fill with broken hearts, innovation, compromise; until trash cans fill with poems on scrap paper, couples remodel, businesses close, spaces are christened, spouses leave. the anarchy of our messy, fragmented personalities dismantle and revise the plans put into effect.

frameworks are countlessly defaced, restored, assimilated, inhabited, recontextualized. the effort is reconciling with my lack of control and the need for revision, and to honor the richness of the resulting story. precise lines or exposed collage material testify to times when the thing front and center isn't the thing that's broken. fantasy elements hope for a better future. imperfect, spontaneous marks either coexist with untainted geometry or stand alone to acknowledge the pain of crumbling walls coming into focus; the anxiety, loss of trust, shifting of expectations; the onus of bringing new plans to life.

he must trust, and he must have faith. and so he builds, because what is building, and rebuilding and rebuilding again, but an act of faith?

-dave eggers